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The infamous Toby Tank, part 7 (text)

Toby Tank update. We made almonds and even if we didn't, this is the last update

I posted the final part briefly the other day, then I took it down forever.

Over the saga i received 37 DM's from 'professionals' and people who work with disabled people all saying the same thing.

That Toby showed classic signs of someone who was lonely, depressed and just not quite whole to keep it simple; And that even though he was a douche, antagonizing him would only mess him up further mentally.

In the sense where you'd firmly tell a bratty kid to stop, but you wouldn't actually humiliate them......repeatedly. I'm an ass evidently.

So The last post got an imperial fuck ton (for the Americans) of hate suprisingly. People calling me a coward and saying I've gone soft. I don't care, insults don't bother me. But the hate, my god the hate, what the fuck is wrong with you people? was because i tried to make almonds with him.

I apologized for going overboard, i told him to cut the crap about the lawsuit, i offered to take him for ride as long as he doesn't fart or jack off in the car. Wished him all the best, and surprisingly after he ejaculated some racist comments and made sure I wasn't trolling, (he wanted to go to a pub, i don't drink because I'm evidently a terrorist so i offered lunch, he made jokes about me blowing up the pub anyway) he was excited, his tone changed and was happy to make almonds with me.

Apparently that's a bad thing because I was supposed to continue pulverising him for entertainment. From my perspective though it went like this:

At first he was a typical CB. Then he was a CB asshole. Then he was an asshole that obviously had some mental issues. Then he was a dude that definitely had mental issues and i was fighting him for my entertainment and others. Then he was a poor retard i was fighting while people cheered me on. I'm all for fun but i draw the line at mental abuse and people farting in my car.

And jacking off in it.

37 professional (or otherwise) people advising me to stop or else he may hurt himself or someone else is enough reason for me to let him think he won a huge battle against someone he had no chance against.

Then came the hate from other experts that I was hurting him further for apologising and letting him win and i should have just ignored him; and that I only did it out of my own guilt.

Everyone is right, but I agreed with the council of 37 that a nice gesture would more than likely change his attitude and outlook. It could have the opposite effect too, but i already humiliated him over 6 encounters and it was time to try love (blech)

Just a final note incase you've actually made it this far. Just look at his reaction after I posted the fake pic of him, his very last words. It might've been my imagination but jeez they seemed sad and defeated.

On a less depressing note, the 95% of the literally thousands of messages i received made me happy. I'm glad the saga made so many laugh and brightened up their day at the expense of a retard. You sick fucks.

Love you

Yes i know it's amends and not almonds

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