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It only took you 2 minutes!! not paying. Text

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

It only took you 2 minutes! The 2 hour drive here and back doesn't count! Here's $20

Another disabled customer...

I charge a $120 call out fee then $50 per every 30 minutes or part there of plus parts. It sounds expensive, but when you consider most issues are resolved in 30 minutes and don't need parts, it's $170 on average to fix any issue on site.

I get a call from a CB who lives in an affluent neighbourhood, expensive out of warranty TV isn't working, can i fix it. I generally give them trouble shooting tips over the phone free, but he claims he's tried everything.

I asked if he was sure because it sounded suspiciously like the power button on the TV was off. He said he wasn't an idiot and could i come out.

I said yes ofcourse but there's a call out fee and explained etc. He agrees.

So i drive an hour in traffic to CB's house. The issue is.... Surprise! someone pressed the off button on the TV. CB only ever turned it on with the remote since he had it installed (not by me). So he's angry and didn't know there was a button. I said I'd only charge the call out fee of $120. The CB can't comprehend why there's call out fee, i was only there 2 minutes, here's $20. Mind you there's a Maserati in his driveway.

I said I'm an Engineer not a "technician" and I'd be happy to put the invoice on my letterhead for commercial rates at $300 if he wanted. Also i do recall asking over the phone if he checked the power button.

Nope, $20 take it or leave it. I said no problem, I'll expose him to his "charity" board members and cease doing any work for them. I kind of have them by the balls since I design and fabricate all their stuff for them. Stick the $20 in your cake hole sir.

This was yesterday, my phone and emails blew up since then. I haven't answered any and they're getting more and more frantic by the hour.

Ok love you, bye

Ps. No offence to any technicians out there, you guys are massively under appreciated

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