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Choosing Beggar wanted more money for the inconvenience. Text

CB wants more money for inconvenience

I built an arcade cabinet for my son's disabled friend. He was in a wheelchair so it had to be the right height and the console had to come out far enough so he could wheel himself under it.

This led to more requests from other parents and eventually turned into a custom build business.

November last year, A guy one state over orders a machine, wants the absolute minimum freight and didn't want to pay insurance.

Surprise surprise the machine arrives a little damaged, just a few dents in the edge molding. I paid the $12 for insurance out of pocket as i really want my items to get there in one piece.

CB wasn't happy and wanted to vent his frustrations which is understandable. I advised him that i took out insurance anyway and that i can send him replacement edging which is easy to install himself, and try to get a partial refund on freight for the 5 minutes it would take him to install it.

Nope, CB wanted all the freight back now that he knew it was insured, about $325. I advised him I'd put in a claim and hope for the best.

Insurance took it's time and CB was getting more and more agitated, so i paid out of pocket to keep him happy and avoid negative feedback. Unfortunately business owners are slaves to threats of bad reviews.

The insurance company declined it as it fell under general handling and the damage was minimal. I said fuck it and didn't pursue it. I had a good year so it was a small hit. After receiving his refund, CB messaged me about the damages.

I told him he was refunded his entire freight and sent new edging. Nope, what about the inconvenience? He should have atleast another $300 back for his time wasted. I told him politely that i paid $325 out of pocket to keep him happy, it was 10x more than the damage was worth to fix, insurance declined the claim and I'm not paying any more.

I got a bunch of 1 star reviews, he got his friends to write them. Google removed the others but left his. I left a reply on his review calling him out, but here we are. Fuck these people.

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