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Amber the 10% chick reddit update, Text

Update to Amber, "entitled treasurer cant comprehend 10%"

Stop blowing up my inbox you heathens!

I'm at work so this is the quick and dirty phone sex version.

Unfortunately it was a phone conversation. One of the directors caught me on the phone and apologised on behalf of everyone there, asking for the units back.

I told him i was sorry but i rebranded them and gave them to another charity. I wanted an apology from the sentient hairstyle, Amber, not the other staff.

He said Hairstyle has been moved to "fundraising" an intern level job and on probation till further notice.

I recommended that the nervous intern (Vanessa) that Hairstyle made sit at the front desk when i came to reposess the machines, be made treasurer, since Vanessa was studying Finance at Uni.

Director agreed and begged me to make them another 3 units. I said i wanted a written apology from the hairstyle.

He advised that hairstyle refused so i said no soup for you.

They tugged at some heart strings and made a good point at how it wasn't their fault, so i agreed to build them 3 units, paid upfront.

Hairstyle in the meantime is claiming she'd been treated unfairly and is lodging some kind of complaint against the organisation.

Being internet famous now with a whole 6 followers has it's benefits.

Intern on the day said "hey, are you...?" And i nodded and said "yes, yes I am" but she she claimed she was referring to if i was going to pay for the Mars bar i took from the donation thing. I won't let it get to my head.

Ok love you bye

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